What We Ate in Florida – Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Kissimmee

Hey everyone – I’m back! I’m currently still recovering from jet lag and spending time with my dog who I’ve missed so much. But I am writing and I’m hoping to start scheduling some articles for you to read on a regular basis again starting next week, as this is the first of many that I’m excited to share with you. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

When arriving in a new country and time zone, your body can be so unpredictable. We were sat on a plane for 9 hours and it took us nearly 3 hours to get from the airport to the hotel, and by that time, I had absolutely no energy. In most cases you can guarantee that you won’t feel up to doing anything when you arrive at your holiday destination, and even going out to eat can feel like a tiresome chore – even for a foodie like me!

So, all I can say is – thank God for take-out, and more specifically, thank God for pizza. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, pizza is the ultimate comfort food that can be cooked and customised so differently everywhere you go, but will still give you a sense of security and make you feel like you’re not too far from home (even if you are).


We went with Carrabba’s Italian Grill for our first meal in Kissimmee, as it was right outside of our hotel and offered customisable take-away pizzas baked in a wood-fire oven (but I won’t forget to mention that the grill also serves traditional Italian fare in abundance, I just wanted pizza OK?) Our topping choices were sun dried tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers and kalamata olives, which sat on top of gorgeously fresh romano and mozzarella cheese.


And I know it may not look like the most appealing pizza in the world, largely down to the low lighting in our hotel room, and the fact that I was so hungry I ate some before taking the blog pictures (oops) but believe me, it was one of the best.

Not only was it a perfect introduction to our trip, but it was also a perfect introduction to the outstanding customer service industry in the US, which my boyfriend had yet to discover.

What do you guys think of our first meal out in the States? Is pizza too boring or do you agree that it was the perfect choice and a must try over there? I can’t wait to share all of the other meals we had, but until then…

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