What’s in my Carry-on? Summer 2016

While some people find packing stressful – I LOVE it! With 6 days to go until our Florida trip, I’d be all packed and ready if it wasn’t for my boyfriend telling me to chill the hell out about it until the weekend. I’m just too excited and impatient to wait any longer, so we’ve compromised and I’ve almost finished packing my carry-on, and I just have to share it with you. Also, be sure to check out my itinerary for the trip which I wrote as a guest post here.


My carry-on suitcase is new this year, and just look how adorable it is! My Skinnydip luggage tag and passport holder match with it beautifully! I got it from B&M of all places for £12.99, and they had a range of sizes available too.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t travel light, and this suitcase is probably big enough for someone to live out of for a week, but as Virgin Atlantic allow 10kg of carry-on luggage, a girl’s gotta take advantage, right?


And the picture above isn’t even everything that can fit in there, I’ll also be squeezing some clothes and shoes in, because I’m clearing going to have a shit load of huge shopping trips in the US, so my main luggage needs to have some breathing space to accommodate that. I’m terrible aren’t I?


Reading material:

National Geographic Traveller – an obvious choice
Lonely Planet Florida and Orlando guides – to glance over once more incase there’s something I’ve missed (I doubt it, I’ve gone pretty overboard with the planning)
Marco Polo Florida State Map – I love reading maps, I take pride in being able to use one and try to resist using Google Maps as much as possible! But we have got 4G just in case, haha!
The Quiet American by Graham Greene – A fascinating read so far, especially for a history buff like me.



A lot of bloggers recommend taking snacks on board, and they usually suggest nuts and fruit. That’s cool and everything, but I really wanted to try these vegetarian sweets out haha! You can find these in Tesco and Holland and Barrett.

I’m also taking a collapsible water bottle to fill up once we go past security. A top tip to stay hydrated!



I talked about some of these in my Travel Beauty Favourites post last month as well, so check that out for some extra tips. We’re taking hand sanitiser, travel toothbrushes and toothpaste, as well as:

Lacura Travel Wipes
Polaar Nuit Polaire face cream
Anew Eye Lift Duo – I URGE YOU to get this for your plane journey! It contains a gel and cream to apply to your eyelid and under eye to prevent them from drying! When I use it in the morning, it literally wakes me up – I love it!
Avon Ideal Flawless face powder (with compact mirror inside)
Avon Perfectly Matte sample lipstick in shade Vibrant Melon
Benefit Bad Girl Lash mini mascara
Suave Tropical Paradise deodorant (the BEST smelling deodorant in the world!) The highlight of my US trip is going to be stocking up on like 20 of these!



Nintendo 3DS with Pokémon Yellow and Pokémon Black 2 (yes I’m a nerd)
Tesco Hudl tablet
Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and headphones
Primark power bank
Poundland UK to US travel adapter plugs
Various chargers for phone, tablet etc.



UK Passport
Paperchase travel journal
Animal handbag
Ear plugs
Pocket tissues


And I had to show off my new PJ’s from Aldi at £4.99. The day they went on sale, I had to go to three different stores to find my size, it was ridiculous! I can’t blame anybody though, they are some of the cutest PJ’s I’ve ever seen!

What do you guys think of my carry-on? Have I got everything? What would you take? Let me know!

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4 thoughts on “What’s in my Carry-on? Summer 2016

  1. Flamingos are so popular this year. I got luggage tag and a matching suitcase strap with flamingos. I’m not sure if is is all you are packing in your carry-on on the way to Florida but I would definitely take a hairbrush (I have long hair and even if I have them tied up, they get messy if I fall asleep during flight), hand cream (my hands skin gets really dry), a pen (lots of people forget about it but it’s really handy. You are flying to USA so you will have to fill some forms on the plane), camera (always in carry-on as I like to take pictures even on the plane if I get a window seat) and one set of clothes (in case my checked in luggage goes missing).


    1. I know and I absolutely love it. My bedroom is flamingo themed so all of this new stuff is making my year haha!

      It’s not quite everything, I didn’t want to bore people with the little things but you’re so right! Taking a pen and hair brush is something that could be so easily forgotten and there are forms to fill out so it’s a must have!

      We bought a GoPro and my phone has a great camera so I’m all good on that front, but I rinsed the battery of my old DSLR on my last flight taking pictures of outside the window.

      Oh that does remind me, I’ve got some coconut hand cream from The Body Shop that I must pack, thank you!! 😚

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