SeoulSnacks Snack Box Subscription – Review


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In case you haven’t realised yet, I am a sucker for Asian food. I love sharing my recipes with you, but I also love to review Asian snacks, my latest being a snack haul from London. Not only are foods from the Far East innovative and unique, but they are some of the tastiest junk food treats you will ever have. While some resemble what we already recognise here, others will definitely surprise you. And if you like spice, forget Chilli Heatwave Doritos and get yourself an Asian snack box subscription, you will absolutely love it!

I was absolutely thrilled when I was contacted by California based SeoulSnacks, a subscription service dedicated to sending you a monthly box of Korean goodies!

I received a free Mini Box to review, which for subscribers is only $9! For that incredibly low price, US citizens get 10 different snacks, most of which are not found in your regular Asian supermarket. They do ship worldwide, but considering the potential price-tag for shipment, it’s worth investigating before you proceed with a subscription to their service if you do not live in the US. As a UK citizen myself, I find it incredibly annoying to not have the same variety of snack boxes with a Korean theme available to us, so I do hope that more international companies offer free, or at least low priced delivery to the UK in the future.

As for SeoulSnacks, I cannot fault their service at all. Their shipment was fast, and everything was packaged really, really well. Not one of my snacks had broken up into bits during transit. Also, another great thing about them is: instead of shipping out every box on the same day for everyone each month, they work to the following Monday after you place your individual order, which means you’ll barely have to wait for your box of goodies.

Their logo and website are incredibly well designed, which makes the service just that little more appealing, I mean, look how cute their logo is? I love it! Also, their variety of snacks is top of the game. My only recommendation is that they provide a leaflet containing the names of the snacks included in the box. Not only will that help subscribers remember what they liked and disliked, but will secure future orders for them. With some of the packaging in Korean, it’s sometimes hard to figure out the brand or name of the treat if you can’t read it.

Anyway, here is the lowdown on everything I received in the box…


Crown Sando Biscuit

A salty, savoury cracker with a sweet chocolate or strawberry flavour filling.

The savoury cracker might seem a little off-putting, but you can’t deny your love for the the salted caramel and sweet & salted popcorn trend that has engulfed the nation lately. The savoury cracker actually makes the filling stand out more. You get 2 in each pack.


Crown Poteau Cheese Cracker

These taste exactly like Tuc. A cheese flavoured sandwich cracker with a cheesy filling, and with 4 in a pack, you can’t complain.


Crown White Cream Wafers With Hazelnut

OMG these were amazing. You get 4 small wafers with the most gorgeous hazelnut chocolate filling inside. The wafers themselves are light, soft and crunchy, with a hint of sweetness to compliment the chocolate inside.


Lotte Choco Pie

A Korean Wagon Wheel basically, although, absent of the Jam filling which I know you all love! I must say, these weren’t as nice as I expected. The cake-like sandwich had a low quality taste, so in all honestly, I’d stick with the Wagon Wheels.


Lotte Binch

Again, another biscuit with a chocolate coin in the middle. Small and incredibly moorish. The chocolate was gorgeously creamy.


Lotte Sand Camtuh: Cacao cookies and sweet vanilla cream

Lotte’s answer to Oreos? I’m not a huge fan of Oreos, but these were still pretty good.


Milkita Milkshake Candy

These really do taste exactly like milkshake. A chewy texture with that creamy milk bottle flavour. The melon flavour was particularly authentic and light. I could have eaten a whole bag.


CosMos Spicy Corn Chips

THE BEST CORN SNACKS EVER! EVER! I don’t even know how to explain how good these were. They weren’t spicy, but had a lovely spiced flavour to them. And just look at the bag itself, how adorable? Order a SeoulSnacks box and pray that you get them. You won’t be disappointed.


Although there was an underlying biscuit/cracker thing going on here, I’m still convinced I received a great variety of snacks, and not just your average Pepero sticks. The only snacks I had tried before were the Milkita chews, and I’ve tried loads of Korean snacks. So overall, this box is worth the money (provided postage is reasonable internationally), and you’re guaranteed to get a great selection of treats! Don’t forget to follow SeoulSnacks on Instagram and Twitter, and visit their website to subscribe!

Also, thank you once again to SeoulSnacks for allowing me to review your box. I am honoured and thrilled to have been a choice for you. I wish you the best of luck with your business venture.

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