Simple Soju Mojito Cocktails

In Korea, soju is usually enjoyed neat, or mixed with fruit from a watermelon or pineapple. I wanted to try mixing it with the flavours of lime, coconut and mint, to make a gorgeous and refreshing summer cocktail! With only a few ingredients needed, the hardest thing to find is the soju itself. Not many Asian supermarkets stock it, but I found mine in London. If you can’t find it, of course this recipe can be used with any other white spirit, most commonly white rum. For the mixing of these cocktails, I’m using jam jars with solid lids, but if you have a cocktail shaker and prefer using it, just adjust the method accordingly.

Enjoy a night in with your close friends with my simple soju mojitos! Cheers!

IMG_20160520_181217 (1)


Ingredients (serves 2): 

200ml of unflavoured soju
Juice of 1 lime
2-3 sprigs of fresh mint
A mixer of your choice (I used coconut and lime sparkling lemonade)



1. Fill the jars about half way with ice cubes.
2. Break the mint leaves apart from the stem, squeeze them lightly to release their aroma and distribute them evenly into the jars.
3. Pour 100ml of the soju into each the jars.
4. Cut the lime in half and juice it, again pouring the juice evenly into each jar.
5. Add the mixer, screw the lids on and give them a good shake.
6. Serve with a cute straw and enjoy!

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