How To Make Your Home Feel Like a Tropical Paradise

I don’t think my home will ever feel tropical enough, and there’s only one reason for that, I live in England. I’m forever dreaming of waking up in a tropical paradise, but instead I’m stuck in the centre of the country with unpredictable weather. My solution? I started a project to make our flat as tropical as possible with use of gorgeous scents, lighting, ornaments and bedding. Although I’m no where near complete with this project, I wanted to share with you all the kinds of things I’ve bought so far, and a few tips on how to get those finishing touches. Feel free to follow my Tropical Home Ideas board on Pinterest to keep up to date with what I find online and buy for my home.

20160419_152944-01Pineapple money bank, New Look – £6.99

Mis-matching is perfectly fine. 

Having everything from the same store might seem ideal, but then where’s the fun in that? The best part about shopping for homeware is finding something unexpectedly that you just need to buy. If you like it and it fits within the theme you’re going for, buy it!

20160419_153449-01.jpegPineapple salt & pepper shaker and spoon rest (although it can be used as a little trinket bowl), Avon – £3.99 each
Yankee Candle Pineapple Cilantro – £1.70

Shop around. 

Places like Argos, Dunhelm and IKEA might seem like the first places to go, but I’ve found beautiful things in the most unlikely of places, such as Avon and Sainsburys. Give everywhere a try, even clothes stores like New Look, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and Primark. Sometimes they will have things, and other times maybe not. It might also depend on the season, during spring and summer, there will be so much more tropical stuff available.


Flamingo USB Neon Light, Asos – £20
Flamingo tumbler glass, IKEA – 50p each
Flamingo inflatable cup holder, Primark – £1.50 (for two)
Beach canvas, Dunhelm – £12

Wallpaper, canvases and framed pictures are very important. 

Think about the colour scheme of your rooms, and if they don’t suit the tropical vibe, change it. If you have white or magnolia walls, that’s a bonus, because you can just buy large prints of sandy beaches, sunsets, rainforests etc. to give your room that beautiful tropical imagery. Tip: I bought small photo frames and cut out pictures from travel brochures and scattered them around my home. We’ve also used postcards and wrapping paper to make a Las Vegas collage for our bedroom. They look amazing, and it was super cheap!

20160419_152959-01.jpegYankee Candle Black Coconut (large jar) – £21.99

Having that perfect scent makes all the difference. 

It doesn’t have to be a Yankee Candle, so many places sell tropical scented candles or diffusers. My favourite tropical scents are pineapple, coconut and mango, and any of those will work well. Also, think room sprays. Febreze Caribbean Paradise and Bali Sunset are amazing for the bathroom, hallway and linen.


Turquoise throw, Primark – £5
Flamingo cushions, Primark – £4 each
Flamingo pink bedding set (I’ve only photographed the pillows here), Primark – £8

The right bedding really makes a room. 

Even you decide for a block colour, that’s still a good move. Our bedroom is pink, with a Las Vegas/Flamingo theme running through it, so I was very pleased to find the most perfect bedding from Primark. Cushions and throws are also great compliments to a bedroom, and cute cushions are just irresistible.

IMG_20160416_183326.jpgVarious stationary, Sainsburys – £3-5 each
Pineapple tealight holder, Sainsburys – £6

The little extras matter. 

Stationery, salt & pepper shakers,plants, candle holders, lamps. They are all adorable additions to a room, and really do finish it off well.

20160425_085012-01.jpegTeal pineapple candle holder, Sainsburys – £6

A lot of the  stuff I have pictured here live in different rooms of our flat, but together, really add that tropical vibe to the home. I also have a lot of beauty products with this theme in mind, including hand-washes and creams, so that when people visit, they can use them and feel even more tropical. I’m going to write a post later this summer which will feature the best tropical beauty products I can find, so keep an eye out for that. Until then, I hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope it gave you some ideas on how to personalise your home. Even if you’re going for a different theme, it’s the little things that truly make a difference.

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4 thoughts on “How To Make Your Home Feel Like a Tropical Paradise

  1. Love that pineapple dish (Avon?? Who would have thought?) and I’ve slowly picked up a lot of those notebooks from Sainsburys and love them. They’ve really upped their stationary game.


    1. Yeah I know! Avon are pretty good at the moment. I order so much every month haha. There were so many things at Sainsburys, I could have bought it all but had to restrain myself haha!


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