Chiquito, Northampton – Review

Hey everyone! Exams are next month, so my posts might be a little less frequent until then, but I will still try to update at least twice a week. I’ve got some really exciting posts coming up which I’m looking forward to sharing, so keep an eye out for those. Have a great week! 

Themed restaurants are great. They present a sense of escapism to our everyday lives and make us forget we’re just stuck in our home town, dreaming of the holiday we booked months ago that just seems like a lifetime away. When a themed eatery is done right, we really know about it, because every single stereotype of that particular cuisine or era punches us in the face instantly upon arrival. Every aspect of the culture, decade or genre has been squeezed into one room, with music to aid our imagination. The staff are dressed like they’ve just stepped off a plane (or out of a time machine) and greet us with cheesy smiles and over the top enthusiasm for food they probably won’t eat until they finish their shift and are sick to death of. But when you really think about it, the most important aspect of all of this effort, is of course, the food. You can serve my meal in a sombrero or a levitating UFO, just as long as it’s tasty and somewhat authentic. Chiquito, as popular and as common as they can be found these days, delivers on the food front, and never fails satisfy my Tex-Mex craving. Most of you have probably already been to this Mexican chain if you live in the UK, but I wanted to shed just a little extra light on the place, as it is a perfect vegan/vegetarian friendly option for that group meal you’ve been wanting to organise, but struggled to find somewhere to suit everyones taste. Seriously, look no further.


Start off with a fruity cocktail (or mocktail), we chose the Mock-jito and passionfruit and mango Agua Fresca. They were outstanding, and cheaper without the alcohol.


We order all of our food to arrive at the same time, but as this was technically a starter, I will label it as such. These are Jalapeño Poppers, stuffed with the most gorgeous cream cheese and accompanied with a Sweet Jalapeño Jelly – which was really, really good.


And here we have the Halloumi Crunch Burger, which is a generously thick slice of grilled halloumi cheese, nachos, salsa and salad, with extra jalapeños and onion rings. Even if you’re not vegetarian, order the halloumi as a topping to your beef burger, it is simply outstanding.


“Wait, you’ve never tried Refried Beans?” I shout over to my boyfriend as the waiter takes our order. “Then we simply must get them” They are essential side order material, guys. Seasoned beautifully with a subtle heat, and a generous amount to share.


Don’t forget the ridiculous Hot Habanero Sauce if you want some extra heat. This went all over my fries.


And for dessert? I must say, I’ve not enjoyed a single dessert I’ve tried here, so we went for a thick Peanut Butter & Banana milkshake instead.

Students (like myself) will revel in the 25% off with an NUS Extra card offer. I was suddenly able to digest the meal somewhat guilt free (not over the calories, mind you) when the bill arrived. It might be expensive, it might lack seriousness and truly authentic aspects of Mexican culture, but I don’t particularly mind either way, because it really is just great fun! What are some of your favourite themed restauraunts? Let me know!

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