Paula’s Choice ‘Clear’ Range – Review

I had acne as a teenager, from the ages of about 11-16. I took some tablets for it at the beginning, but as nothing was working I eventually gave up and to my surprise it just went by itself. HOWEVER, (excuse me and my life story) randomly out of the blue about 5 months ago, I started to notice acne-like blemishes on my skin once again. Determined to fight this annoyance, I shopped around for a new skin care brand to help. I must point out that it is mild acne, located mainly down the sides of my face, but it’s still horrible and bringing me down so I needed to do something about it. I did some research into the skin routine I had before, and realised I was doing it ALL wrong for my skin type (harsh scrubs, oily moisturisers and alcohol-heavy toners). So after shopping around, I went with Paula’s Choice simply on reviews and what the website claimed the products do for your skin. The three products I chose were quite expensive, all together it cost around £50, which for me, is expensive (I’m a student). So, I’ve been using this range (amongst some other products here and there which I will list in a future post), and overall, I’m pleased with the results. I’m going to explain how they recommend you use the products below:


1. Pore Normalizing Cleaner – £13.05

By using a coin-sized amount, you vigorously scrub all of your face (don’t get it in your eyes, it KILLS). Although they claim that this product doesn’t dry out skin, it does with mine – I have dry skin usually, but it has become more oily now with this acne problem. Having said that, it does leave my face feeling very clean and refreshed, so overall I am happy with this product.


2. Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution – £20.25

This is the best product out of all three in my opinion. You are not supposed to apply it anywhere near your eyes, which for me is not a problem because of where my blemishes are located, but as they advise it quite strictly on the bottle, I’d really try hard not to.

Use this with a cotton pad and just dap and gently rub in to your face, you will see quite a bit of dirt on the pad, even if you do this daily, which is a great result because at least you know it is lifting the nasty stuff from your face easily. I 100% recommend this product, even if you don’t buy the others and just use cheaper cleansers and moisturisers.


3. Ultra-Light Mattifiying Fluid – £29.00

This is a perfect moisturiser for people with oily skin types, for me it isn’t the best, but I can see the appeal for those who need to give their skin extra moisture, but don’t need heavy creams that clog up the skin. Its SPF 30+ which is good for going out on a warm day, but Paula’s Choice recommend that everyone should use a moisturiser with SFP, as it can prevent skin cancer. I don’t know too much about this so will stop there.

Verdict and other tips:

Except for nights out and events that require me to look on form, I have actually stopped wearing make-up as much as possible (although I didn’t wear much on a normal day anyway). This is perhaps something to consider if your acne/spots are getting worse, and maybe do some research into more natural brands that don’t use harsh ingredients.

Overall, this trio of products has REALLY helped with my skin, although it is not completely clear, I am about a third of the way through the products so still have a long way to go. Value for money? Perhaps not, but if you’re not skint and want a product that does show good results with proper daily use, I would recommend this to you. Visit their website and check out the other ranges they have here.

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7 thoughts on “Paula’s Choice ‘Clear’ Range – Review

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    1. Thank you! I hadn’t heard of it either until I looked around, I did watch a couple of reviews on YouTube and most people were really happy with their results. But I still felt like I was taking a risk at first. 🙂


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