The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge






This is the second time I’ve tried these noodles, my friend from South Korea sent us an instant pot noodle version which I shared with my boyfriend. That one was much smaller and I drained all of the water out as recommended by my friend. This time, we had a large pack all to ourselves, the liquid broth of death stayed – all bets were off. The both of us like to take pride in our spice tolerance, I cook with spices all of the time and I never deseed a chilli, but this experience was on another level, and while we did complete the challenge, eat all of the noodles, drink all of the water AND really enjoy them, the consequences were still felt, even the morning after.

Like the first time, they made my lips burn and tingle, it felt like they were swelling up and this did not go away for about 20 minutes after I’d finished the noodles. Secondly, the heat was very intense; I could literally feel the spices seeping into the roof of my mouth and down my throat, I quite like this sensation, but even for me it was a little too much. And lastly, I felt quite nauseous as I began digesting them, and my stomach was still churning when I woke up the next morning. My boyfriend described it as though “the spices were cleaning out and sanitising our digestive system” which, although a strange analogy, is a very accurate one to say the least.

This challenge is something I would definitely not recommend to those who cannot tolerate spices, although it is fun and the noodles taste AMAZING. But remember that it isn’t just the heat that gets you; the after effects that exist are probably the most negative aspect of the whole experience. If you can’t tolerate a mild salsa or sweet chilli sauce, or find anything with one or two chillis on the chilli scale difficult, consider this challenge deadly. Sam Yang, the brand that make these have a wide range of delicious noodles, so if you’re not up to the challenge, try some of their more mild noodles. They can be found in most Asian supermarkets. If you do decide to take this challenge, post a pic and let me know how it went.

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4 thoughts on “The Korean Fire Noodle Challenge

  1. Any idea where you can order these to try them out for myself? My brother in law is a huge fan of spice and collects hot sauces, so I am sure he would love to try these! Plus I love noodles of all kinds!

    Markus Mueller

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    1. I’ve found them on Amazon, hopefully you can have a look there. Otherwise some Asian supermarkets should stock them. They are incredible and seriously spicy. I just about managed to eat them despite being in immense pain!

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  2. My partner and I were looking at getting these!
    I got him into spicy Korean ramen (as he hadn’t tried any before he met me!) and we thought this would be a fun way to start up my Youtube channel he keeps telling me to start and he’s willing to try it along with me!
    I love spicy food and I know I would prefer it with the broth rather than have it just with the sauce on dry noodles but i’ll definitely give it a go when I get the chance to! They sound delicious and I’m weird and like dipping nice soft bread into the broth as well, no idea how that started for me but it’s lovely!
    Will definitely give them a go in the future!

    Jasmine |


    1. Haha that’s the same as my boyfriend, except for the Pot Noodle flavour Bombay Badboy, he hadn’t tried any spicy ramen! Honestly, it’s so much fun doing this challenge with someone else, and you should definitely start up your YouTube with a video of the both of you eating them!

      Wow, I’d not thought of having them with bread, I’ll have to get some for next time!

      I’m going to be reviewing some Korean beauty products next month, we should collaborate on something based around Korean beauty if you’d like to? It’d be fun!


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