6 Tips for Decorating Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a cute, cheap and creative gift for family and friends. Sure, you could pop over to Tesco and buy the shop bought kind, but there’s just something nice about making and decorating a batch by yourself to enjoy with your loved ones. I’m no expert when it comes to baking, in fact, this is my fourth ‘proper’ attempt as an adult at making cupcakes. Usually 1 or 2 go a little wrong, but my boyfriend and I use that as an excuse to ‘test’ them before offering them out with cups of tea. Instead of typing out a recipe, I will provide you with the one I use here. This post is all about sharing the cupcakes with you and to provide a few tips on how I make my cakes look pretty and professional, with that quirky homemade touch.


  1. First of all, to make the cakes look good in pictures, on display in your home or at a bake sale, buy a pretty cake stand. The cake stand I use is from Amazon and can be bought here. It’s absolutely gorgeous and at the same time a practical way of displaying your cakes mess free.
  2. The butter icing I used is a light turquoise, and was made with 2 tablespoons of blue gel food colouring, and 4 small drops of yellow, but follow this link to see a food colouring list and how to get your favourite colours.
  3. Colour co-ordination will always make a cupcake look better. Before decorating, go on Pinterest for ideas or have a good think about how you would like them to look. Sometimes, the more simple a cupcake decorating idea, the better, as loading them with all the sprinkles you have in the back of your cupboard will take away the professional, but homemade quality you want. Looking at a colour board is always a good idea, and also think of the time of year – Christmas colours are obviously different to Halloween colours, and so forth.
  4. The technique for butter icing needs a steady hand, but if you practice a couple of times, anyone can master it (even me)! Take a look at this YouTube video on how to use the Wilton 2D piping tip, and buy it here.
  5. To avoid disappointment, don’t ever pipe icing until the cupcakes are completely cold. Be patient.
  6. Always remember: cupcakes are like personalities, each one is unique and will look a little bit different to the next, even if you try really hard to get them all looking the same. The trick is not to worry if one is smaller than another or the icing is taller on one compared to another. As long as they have had time dedicated to them, people will appreciate your effort and not worry about any minute differences.



Here, I have listed some very simple advice to get you started. I am a beginner as well, and still overcoming issues such as these. Do you have any other tips worth sharing for making and decorating cupcakes? All of your thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading, and happy baking!

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2 thoughts on “6 Tips for Decorating Cupcakes

  1. Such useful tips! I especially like number 3, next time I do a food shooting I will take better care of the colour co-ordination . Thanks for sharing! 🙂


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