Coast to Coast, Northampton – Review


As a restaurant chain like TGI Friday’s and Frankie & Benny’s, you just know Coast to Coast will be a solid choice for good quality dining at a pretty decent price. The menu is varied… for meat eaters. For vegetarians (who hate mushrooms like me), you’re stuck with a margarita pizza pretty much. But that’s the way most American-diners are in this country AND America- there are BEEF BURGERS EVERYWHERE! I wouldn’t let the lack of vegetarian options get you down though, it was a gorgeous pizza with a a thin, crispy base and stringy mozzarella, but I was jealous of the people around me who had more… elaborate food.

Vegetarianism aside, I recommend this place 100%. It has a trendy atmosphere with a ‘whole lot of crap on the wall’ (if you know this line then you’re awesome) that makes you feel like you’re in America. And who doesn’t want to escape from their normal lives and pretend they’re travelling the American highways for an hour and a half while they stuff their face with burgers, fries and beer?! Exactly.

One other thing to point out – the dessert and cocktail menu! For desserts, I recommend the salted caramel cheesecake (I didn’t try it myself because it was sold out, but on that basis, I’d say it was pretty good) and the pecan pie, which I did eat, and it was fabulous. You can also swap the idea of dessert out for a thick-ass milkshake! As for cocktails, I had a piña colada and creme brûlée cocktail and can honestly say they were some of the best cocktails I’ve had.

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