Bagel Boy, Bristol – Review

 Bristol is one of the most vibrant and multi-cultural cities in the UK. It has a lot of energy and a lot of choice, in fact, the range of chain and independent cafes, bars and restaurants could be quite overwhelming to the average town dweller at first, but if you do a bit of wandering around, you’ll find a place that does exactly what you’re in the mood for. We wanted bagels, and once I saw the hashtags for Bagel Boy on Instagram, I was sold. They have two spots in the city, one on the Gloucester Road and one in the city centre (Gloucester Road has every kind of cuisine you can think of, so don’t just stick to the city centre when you visit).

The restaurant has cute communal seating but is quite compact and crowded. That’s no issue though, because many order to take out and people generally won’t mind you taking a seat on their table. The staff work very hard to deliver a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and of course they serve a serious variety of bagel fillings, you are spoilt for choice. I went for the Veggie Boy, which is grilled mixed peppers, halloumi and pesto mayo (who could seriously resist halloumi?)

Overall, I don’t have a bad thing to say about the place. They do good value meal deals and have picked up on the sweet potato fries trend. You can get a pint, a salad and they make cookies and brownies, so it’s a must if you want a filling meal for a long day of shopping and walking around the city. There is just ONE tiny thing that lets the place down on a whole: the lack of bread variety for the bagels. While the ones they serve are really chewy and good quality, they are just a plain white bagel. It would be great if they served wholemeal, seaded, cinnamon etc. for it would make the place even more perfect! Having said that, they do serve a gluten free bagel, so it’s not all bad.

Check out their hashtags on Instagram and visit their website for the full menu.

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